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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Making A Splash while Building a Community

Hi y'all,

Several years ago, sixteen years to be exact, we moved into a new neighborhood. We moved from out of state (South Carolina) so we didn't know anyone. At the time our son was 10 years old and would be attending an elementary school located in walking distance of our new house. One day he informed us, he was joining the community swim team that was being started by a neighbor who lived in the next block. Well, this was a surprise to us since we didn't he could swim. However, just as many parents have done, we went along with the program.

There were thirty four (34) kids on the team that year, many of whom had never been on a swim team before. What we lack in skill and numbers we made up for with enthusiasm and support for each other. The team hired a professional coach, who brought skill development, a competitive edge and fun to the team. My wife and I watch with amazement as the little ten ago actually won a few races.

While winning races and being competitive were great fun, there were other things that happened which have had a more profound effect on our lives. First, the parents, got to know each other, not as professionals doing a job, but as people who were committed to their children. We learned that we had a lot of common interests and we became friends. Our children looked to this new community and found support. As well as role models and trusted adults they could talk with when they did not feel comfortable talking to their parents.

Over the years we have support each other through many life events, everything from high school and college graduations to the death of loved ones. We have laughed and cried together. As the years continue to roll on our relationships have deepen. We no longer have children on the swim team but the relationship formed on the pool deck continue to sustain us.

Oh yeah... they became a very competitive swim team along the way. Today it is one hundred and eighty (180) members strong. Many of the kids have become coaches for the team. They learned the meaning of giving back, that you can compete and develop a life sustaining community at the same time.

For many organizations there is an opportunity to form teams based on common values and shared purpose which will have far reaching and long lasting results

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Childhood Relationship that Made a Difference

Hi y'all,

I want to talk about my first role model and mentor. "Slick", as he was known in the neighborhood, always had a warm greeting and smile for anyone. He took me to my first baseball game. He gave me my first job. I was 10/11. I had to move a pile of dirt from one place to another. This never make sense to me but he paid me a dollar a day and it was money that I didn't have to ask my dad for.

There was nothing in it for him, but I learned how to talk to other folks, what it meant to respect myself, the value of keeping my word and showing up on time.

Slick was cool and I wanted to be like him. He always offered me words of encouragement. I never knew his education level. It didn't matter. I just knew that if I needed someone to talk with, he would be there.

This are things that I have never told him. It would be great to let him know how much he influenced my soul.

It is clear or me that my business practices have been shaped my the things I learned from Slick. The essence of being a leader, the value of hard work and respect for others are all things that have contributed to my business success.


Everybody Needs a Bubba

Hi ya'll!

I created this blog today with the help of Bubba. Bubba knows how to set up blogs and has a good idea or two. Bubba says you need to read this blog. Me, I am just doing this for the pure fun and entertainment of expressing my thoughts on relationships.